I dreamt that a cannoli was following me.



conveyor belt

I dreamt that a few friends and I were on a conveyor belt moving around and past all of the restaurant windows in Chinatown.  Each restaurant had a panel of checkerboard-like windows in front with one kind of food pictured on each pane.  I was demonstrating to the others how, as you travel by, to order food, you just use a mallet to break the windows of the things you want.   One person asked me, “What do you do if you change your mind?”

Home fries


I dreamt I was sitting alone having breakfast in a diner and a Chinese man was doing the same at the table next to mine.  He ordered 4 eggs, scrambled, bacon, wheat toast, and no home fries in rather broken English.  The waitress came back and scooped about two eggs worth of scrambled eggs right onto the table in front of the man and left. Continue reading