Golf club

I dreamt that I was outside throwing  treats to my dog who would chase after them and eat them.  A friend came by and used a golf club to drive a treat out to my dog.  This one my dog did not eat, but retrieved and laid it back at my friend’s feet to be driven again.  I wanted my dog to do that with me.  I took the golf club and a 3 ft dog bone and launched it out to my dog that way.   He just ate it, no retrieving.  I sat down on the lawn, defeated, and watched my friend playing fetch with my dog, a single treat, and a golf club.


Matt’s elephant

I dreamt I was sitting on bleachers with many other people facing a large grass and dirt space surrounded by woods.  An elephant ran through and shortly Matt Damon came running after it.  He soon returned pulling the elephant by a thick rope, and said to us, “See what the dishes do?”



I dreamt I saw a large group  people waiting at a crosswalk and but not crossing when the WALK light appeared. Then I saw the black cougar sitting in the road in the middle of the crosswalk.  Very slowly but not afraid, I walked in the crosswalk towards the cougar. I paused at the cougar, Continue reading

Dog door

I dreamt that lots of animals – dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, etc. – including my own dog, were entering my house through our dog door.  A friend of mine also entered on all fours through the dog door in the midst the stream of animals.  He and I then joined others in my kitchen and he started delivering a political campaign speech to everyone.

Little box

I dreamt I was seated in an empty room with no ceiling.   My hands were cupped in my lap holding a very small gold box.  The sky over head was blue with white clouds.  Birds of different variety swirled overhead, with maliciously, intent on getting the box I held.  I did not know what was in the box.