Curb cut – part two

I dreamt that when I opened my door to go outside one morning, there was a huge hole being dug between my yard and the street.  A huge hole was ripped in my chainlink fence. There was yellow construction equipment and Continue reading



I dreamt that I was in a dark dungeon-like basement strapped down to a gurney.  Another woman was strapped to a gurney beside me.   Our gurneys hovered over a large, deep basin of water, wild and churning below.   Continue reading

Me two

I dreamt that I was giving a flip-chart presentation to a casual room full of people sitting on couches and bean bag chairs.  Then, as I spoke, I also entered the room from the back – a second ‘me’ if you will.  Second me began to explain to first me why my talk was incorrect and what the proper facts and conclusions were.  This was received very well by first me, and the two me’s had a very pleasant discourse.