I dreamt that a group of kids had sticky orange goop on their right palms.  With right arms outstretched, palms down, they were sticking glass soda bottles, caps first, to their palms.  It was a contest to get the most bottles stuck to your palm at once. The boy in the lead had nine crowded-ly attached.




A friend was lying flat on a hospital gurney with her head tilted up to look at her stomach on which a clear structure was sitting.  If you remember the doozers, the tiny construction workers from Fraggle Rock, the  structure was identical to their thin, clear stick-like, frames.


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Matt’s elephant

I dreamt I was sitting on bleachers with many other people facing a large grass and dirt space surrounded by woods.  An elephant ran through and shortly Matt Damon came running after it.  He soon returned pulling the elephant by a thick rope, and said to us, “See what the dishes do?”